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A Piece Of My Territory

This is going to sound crazy.

But at this point, I don't mind.

At 6 years old, I was told by my childhood pastor (that's a whole other story), that "angels would speak to me about other people troubles." As a young girl, I had no fucking clue what that meant, but as I have gotten older, and have had many, many more experiences in my life with people, with troubles, with miracles, with woes, with shames, with blessings, I know NOW exactly what that meant. I am not traditional. I have not followed the rules. I have not agreed with many systems. I have not colored in the lines. 

I have facilitated change by going with my gut, even when many would have hesitated. I have been questioned many times in my life. I have learned that being questioned is often other people's fears coming through.

I know the power behind creating a space for people that feels safe. When another human can feel safe enough to be all their parts and not be judged...that is magic!

The humor that is understood, the pain that has been whispered, the fear that has been unraveled, the grief that sits stale in the air. I know all of these things because people have given me the privilege to co-create that space with them. At 6 years old, when I was told that "crazy thing" about knowing people's troubles... there was so much truth behind it, whether I understood it all then, or not.  I have been trying to work and embody this energy since. I am still learning. Come on the journey with me.

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