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Transmuting Emotional Energy

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

I have been working with people in some kind of capacity my entire life. Since I was little, I was the harmonizer in my family of origin, to the peacemaker on the playground, the networker at work, the therapist for a decade, and now showing up for others as a mentor/coach. One of the things I love about being with people is the inspiration they give me! There is a certain energy everyone gives off that we can attune to if we are open to an antenna! If we can be present in this energy, then we can transmute it into a creative force!

What the hell is transmute?! I know, I had no clue what that word meant a few years ago either. Let me explain! Transmutation means to, change in form, nature, or substance. Once I started to learn and use this concept in therapy with my clients I realized that I was doing this unconsciously ALL THE TIME, but did not know it had this fancy formal name. Over the years, for my own personal decompression, processing, and energy release I have been using my creative instincts to guide me a bit more.

How does that look?! Creative processing can look MANY different ways, but one of my favorite is through writing. I even have my clients do this. It is often a talent that many of them did not even know they had, which is so rewarding once we can uncover it. So, for example, I would be in session with my client and that would say something that I would just FEEL! Like all my cells would start to vibrate! Whether it was because I could just deeply relate, or if what they were releasing was POWERFUL! The vibe in the room would shift. There is a certain 'residue' that lingers after a powerful session. In the past, I wouldn't really know what to do with all that excess energy, but now I use that voltage to write. For me, it mostly manifests as poems, but sometimes it is just a stream of consciousness. It is a wild experience as sometimes it just kind of just flows out as if what I am writing is something I'VE experienced but it is not the case (always).

I share this because its helpful to know that inspiration is everywhere! Also, that emotional energy can be transmuted! One form of emotional energy can be changed into another form which is so powerful once you start to see the creative piece emerge! I have hundreds of writings at this point and its awesome to look back and read some of them. I can transport myself right back in the time and space of that particular session. It is like my own personal time machine! I will share some of them in the post and would love if you would share ways in which you have transmuted your emotional energy into something creative.

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